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A While Ago

“First Love does leave one mesmerised and spellbound”bible-verses-about-love-584x300

A few minutes before I had no idea I will be writing my first blog but here I am. So the first step was to choose what I was going to write? The only thing that came in my mind was the first poem I wrote.

It is about Love. Believe me when I wrote it, I was in love with the idea of Love.

Your angelic eyes hold my stare in such a beautiful way that never let go of me.
Your mesmerizing voice touches my soul leaving your imprints behind.
Your smile takes away all the pain healing every wound of mine.
Your kiss on my tears free me from the frantic feelings haunting me every now & then.
Your breathe on my face captivates every beat of my heart.
The essence of your smell never leaves me even when you are gone.
Your touch starts a frenzy within me that goes away only when you stop.
Your hands comfort me during night to end my quest for you in my dreams.
Your arms lock around me in such an embrace that I can’t escape.
Your warm gentle strokes on my skin knocks the breathe out of me.
Your cuddles always keep me from falling apart.
Your closeness does wonders to me making me feel numb.
Your magical presence fascinates me to a world where we belong.
Your soft caresses allure me to go deep inside your soul.

Mere words can’t explain my feelings for you,
You dazzle me in a way like I have never been dazzled before.
You touch me in a way like I have never been touched before.
You complete me in a way like I have always been incomplete.
You own me like I have always been yours.


Truly madly deeply—I love you..