A Romantic Silence With Dal Lake




Last November, on a recent visit to my hometown Kashmir I went for a drive with my friend along the famous Boulevard Road which  outlines the Dal Lake. We parked our car and thought of taking a walk along the Lake. It was dark when we started walking and in the most crowded place of Srinagar I was surprised to notice only few people around us and then my friend mentioned in a sarcastic tone, “Winter is here, My Lady” mimicking a dialogue from the very popular Game of Thrones.


As we walked past the shores of the lake, the Shikaras(a boat used to take tourists and locals for rides in the lake) were leaving for their homes. The rustling sound of water when they started rowing their boats along with the lights reflecting in the water making it sparkle was so extra ordinary that it left me spellbound. There was a peaceful silence in that moment which tranquilised my mind. I found a place to sit to absorb the intensity of beauty of it and it was the most romantic silence I had with myself in years.



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